How to get more than 1000 daily visits to your company blog?

Reaching 1000 daily visits is one of the objectives of many company blogs when they are starting out. This is a figure that already allows us to reach acceptable conversion levels. We have already managed to achieve certain loyalty among readers and we are in a position to take other steps forward.

A blog can take a long time to reach a thousand visits. If we want to achieve them in the shortest possible time, although there is no perfect method that works in each and every one of the sectors, we can apply some techniques that can help us achieve that goal.

What you must do to get 1000 daily visits

To get 1000 daily visits, the first thing is to be clear about where our visits come from. A simple look at Google Analytics will help us understand it.

  • Organic traffic (visits from your positioning in Google)
  • Referral traffic (links from a website or blog)
  • Direct traffic (people who type your address in the browser)
  • Social (visits that come from social networks)
  • Paid search (users who enter through an ad)

When a blog has already established itself, we will generally realize that Google is usually the main visitor engine, although it does not always have to be that way.

If you want to get traffic, you must work in each of the areas so that they provide you with the maximum possible traffic, depending on your strategy. For that, you have to take into account how they work.

How long does it take to get 1000 daily visits?

You can achieve it in 3 months, in 1 year, or in 2 years, or you can never achieve it. Each project can follow a different strategy to try to achieve it.

There are company blogs in which it is simply necessary to create content on the blog on a more or less regular basis. The contents begin to position themselves well and after 3-4 months a similar figure is reached. Having a domain name with keywords that have been searched and that are also well-positioned helps a lot to achieve that number quickly.

Other projects need to use the links. It is about creating content on blogs that have many visits so that they provide us with traffic, especially in the first months. Its strategy is aimed not simply at positioning, but at attracting traffic from other pages through guest blogging.

Then there is, of course, Google Adwords advertising. Although you are not necessarily going to achieve a large amount of traffic by paying per click (it will depend on where you are positioned at the end), it can help you achieve that goal in the first months.

Direct traffic and social traffic are usually the ones that contribute the least to users, especially in the first months. However, they are a significant traffic source that you should also exploit.

What strategy to follow to get 1000 daily visits?

We recommend that you start by creating a content strategy appropriate to your sector. These contents must be published through your company’s blog and social networks.

If you are in a very competitive sector, creating simple content of 300 words will make it difficult for you to position yourself. Think that your competitors are probably creating much more elaborate articles on their blogs.

On the other hand, look for long-tail keywords that allow you to position yourself more easily. By this, we mean very long and specific keywords, for example, a whole question: “How to get more followers on Instagram”. It is not the same as if you were trying to rank for “followers on Instagram” or just “Instagram”.

Ranking for these types of specific searches may not bring you much traffic for each article. Maybe 1 or 2 visits a day. But at least it assures you those visits. Sometimes it will generate high traffic since you will have found a position for keywords with a lot of traffic.

Until SEO starts to kick in, you need to be consistent and follow a posting schedule. If what you want is to get traffic to come through other channels, follow a system to get links from pages with many visits, or advertise through Google Adwords.

How to keep the visits that come to your company’s blog?

This is where the real problem comes in. It is useless to make a great effort to get many visits if it turns out that, when they arrive, they leave and reappear on your website.

You need to have a system that allows you to keep new users and retain them. For example, you can put a widget in your WordPress so that they subscribe to the updates of your company’s blog. You can (and should) also put up social buttons to get people to follow you.

Another thing you can do is create a newsletter and give it great importance. In this way, new users who arrive will have the opportunity to become subscribers. And you will be able to appear in their email inbox to inform them of your posts, offers, discounts, etc.

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