5 ways to make money online in 2020 – Hurry up Now

make money online in 2020

Who does not dream of financial independence and the resulting freedom that seems to know no boundaries, provided you have enough money in your account?

But in the end, it is only a dream because reality often looks very different – often so hopeless that you know you never get rich. Day after day, you have to bother with high bills, are often afraid of additional electricity or gas payments or repair costs and sometimes also know that the monthly income only slightly exceeds the monthly expenses. In the end, however, it doesn’t help if you come to terms with your situation and mourn another life – you have to take the initiative. But how can an attractive income be achieved? Can you make money online without equity? Sometimes the Internet can be the solution here.

Because the World Wide Web not only consists of social networks and gambling portals but also offers numerous opportunities to earn a lot of money. The offers that are found in the area of ​​part-time jobs are particularly helpful here. So you can pursue your main job, receive the monthly fixed salary and also earn money – sometimes even within your own four walls.

You should be patient and ambitious

Independently consists of the two terms “self” and “constantly” – that is also the secret of success. You are responsible for all activities “yourself” and decide “yourself” how much money you want to earn – if you “constantly” do your job, you will also be able to record high income in the end. In order to be really successful, you have to go about your work continuously – especially at the beginning – so the myth of passive income is exactly that, a myth. Of course, you also need a little patience. There will always be setbacks, every now and then you will have to think about whether it is worth going all the way to the end or sometimes even doubting your own ideas.

Anyone who is ambitious, sometimes has new ideas that have never existed in this way before or has a talent that can be used to earn money should definitely get used to the idea of independence. Sometimes it is also possible at the beginning that the activity is only carried out on the side – that is, alongside the main profession. So, on the one hand, you have a fixed monthly income, on the other hand, you can also earn some extra money if you also act independently.

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a real job that earns 200 euros or more a day if you want to earn something extra. Every now and then just a few tips and tricks are enough to increase your monthly income at the end. The Internet offers enough opportunities so that you have a good chance of increasing your monthly earnings. But you should be careful – the income that is generated by self-employment, of course, must be taxed. If you do not report the additional income, you are violating the law and, if the tax fraud is exposed, you can expect a high fine. It is also advisable to contact a tax advisor if the side job generates a generous additional income.


Earn money from home: earn serious money online

Now let’s take a closer look at the individual ways you can make money online from home:

1. Take surveys to earn money

Numerous companies, parties, and institutions are interested in the opinion of buyers and citizens alike. Surveys are commissioned to find out in advance which products are desired, how satisfied citizens are with regional health care or what the general mood is. Such surveys can of course also be carried out online without any problems. There are numerous platforms through which the customer can then take part in surveys and receive money for it.

Registration on such a platform is free for private individuals. In the beginning, you have to create a profile and, for example, specify your interests here. Based on the data provided, the operators of the platform know which surveys can be made available.

Surveys that are relatively easy to complete and also hardly take up time sometimes bring up a few points that can then be exchanged for rewards. You can also make money online with surveys that are very short – here the payment is in the cent or single-digit euro range.

However, there are also complex surveys that bring in far more money. Discussion rounds are always organized so that you can discuss various topics on site. Such discussions can even earn up to 50 euros.

2. Offer clothing and household items

It may be an established way to offer clothing and household items for sale on the Internet. Why should you throw away functional as well as well-preserved items that you no longer need when there is occasionally an opportunity to get a few euros for them? There are enough platforms on the World Wide Web that not only offer the barely worn winter coat, but also video games, books and decorative items that are no longer required and are only perceived as dust catchers. Especially when it comes to baby and children’s things, you can definitely make a profit on the Internet that should not be underestimated.

If you want to achieve permanent additional income with the sale of clothing or household items, i.e. not only improve your household cash register at irregular intervals, you also need some business skills. Ultimately, you have to buy the goods yourself cheaply and then sell them profitably. Here it is particularly interesting to look for bargains at the flea market, which you can then resell on the Internet.

The eBay platform is particularly recommended here. However, there are also online flea markets or special platforms that specialize in certain goods – such as baby or children’s items.

Test products and services

In the search for online earning opportunities, sooner or later you will come across the option of making money with various tests. There are a number of options here:

3. Product tests

Before a company launches a new product, it is tested by a potential target group. There are numerous platforms on the Internet that are looking for product testers – so if you like to put new products through their paces, you should choose one or more platforms and then apply for an available product test.

The principle is, of course, reminiscent of online surveys. Here, too, you have to register in advance (free of charge) and create a profile. Here it is important to enter the preferred product groups so that the operators of the platform know which product tests could be offered. If you are not interested in cosmetics, you should not receive the latest make-up – but you can send the new bath salt to try it out, provided that the profile shows that you are interested in care products.

Once the products have been delivered, they will then be tested. As a rule, a few tasks still have to be done – such as answering product-specific questions.

At this point, however, it must be mentioned that you do not receive any cash or points for testing the products, which can then be exchanged for rewards. In the end, only the product will be made available free of charge. Thus, as a product tester, no “real” earnings can be achieved. So if you enjoy free products, you should register on a platform that offers product tests.

The Club of Product Testers or Amazon Vine is particularly recommended here. GlobalTestMarket can also be mentioned here.

4. Web tests

Modern market research is, of course, interested in finding out which trends and habits are emerging. This is where the Internet user comes in. Due to the fact that the Internet is probably the most important medium of today, the World Wide Web can be used to find out where one or the other trend is going, which new habits have come to the fore and where the interests of teenagers, Adults, women as well as men lie.

If you are interested in making your usage behavior available to various market research institutes on the Internet, you can earn money as a so-called web tester. If your own online behavior is shared with the company, you will be rewarded for it.

The Internet is used as usual, only with the difference that online behavior is no longer anonymous. This means that the company knows which websites you have visited and also which terms have been searched for. If the lack of anonymity does not bother you, you can look forward to a carefree extra income.

The market research company Nielsen Trends is particularly interesting here. Anyone who registers on this platform must first install software on their computer – this software is necessary so that the user behavior can subsequently be recorded. However, the software can also be installed directly on the tablet or smartphone, provided that users are also surfing the Internet with their mobile devices. Subsequently, you can look forward to points that can then be exchanged for rewards. There are electrical or household appliances as well as vouchers that can be redeemed in various shops.

Does this sound like a very simple job and therefore easy money? That may be true – we surf the net every day and would even be rewarded for this as a web tester. However, it should not be forgotten here that you no longer go to various pages anonymously, but sometimes share your special preferences with strangers who are behind the institute’s logo.

5. Website testing

An easy to use as well as the professional-looking website may be the goal of every company. However, the company (or the developer of the site itself) cannot always objectively assess whether the problem-free and simple operation are also possible for all target and visitor groups – because what poses no problems for person A may be insurmountable for people B and C… That means, before the page is activated, companies are always looking for real users, who then deal intensively with the content on the homepage.

To be able to test websites, you have to register on a corresponding platform. Registration is also free here – you can then apply for projects from various companies.

The earnings depend of course on the scope of the project. A homepage that has numerous sub-pages may well bring in more money than a fairly simple website that only has two or three sub-pages.

The UInspect platform is particularly interesting here. There are numerous projects here that are well paid for. All those who like to work through questionnaires and sometimes go into troubleshooting will love this job.

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