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Especially for young mothers, it is often difficult to reconcile family and if they want to return to work from maternity leave. Because in many regions – commuters, in particular, are affected – the opening times of daycare centers and kindergartens, with the best will in the world, cannot be reconciled with the regular working hours of the company. For them, making money from home is an ideal alternative. But if you want to work from home or maybe even start your own business in the home office, you should be careful of dubious offers. Because especially in the field of homework, there is still a lot of black sheep. In this article, I will guide you about how to find Best jobs to make money from home.c

What are the advantages of working from home?

If it is really a serious offer, working from home offers numerous advantages to those affected :

  • In particular, this means that they save a lot of time and money because there is no need to go to work.
  • In addition, they are not bound to fixed attendance times but are flexible in terms of time.
  • This allows work and family life to be better reconciled.
  • Unlike in the past, there are now many interesting activities that can be done from home.

Nevertheless, there are still numerous black sheep on the market, who are pursuing nothing more than fraudulent intentions.

How can dubious providers be identified?

Under no circumstances are the fraudsters exposed to defenseless protection if they are looking for serious homework. Because of some features, fraudulent offers can be identified relatively quickly, which the prospective home worker can also easily check:

  • If the prospective homeworkers have to pay money before they can even start their work, it is almost certainly a dubious offer. These upfront costs are often declared as a participation fee for training or as a nominal fee for materials. In many cases, the costs are extremely high compared to the potential earnings. A reputable company, on the other hand, provides the homeworkers with the work equipment and material mostly free of charge.
  • The job advertisement or advertisement is usually not very meaningful as far as the client is concerned. Caution is advisable in any case if no website is specified in the ad and none can be found via Google. Because for every reputable company, a good presence on the Internet has become the standard. If this website is missing, this can indicate dubious methods.
  • If utopian earning opportunities are promised on the website or it is not clear what the job is all about, this also speaks for a dubious offer.
  • In addition, you should not allow yourself to receive further information only if you have provided your personal data.
  • Even a look at the imprint cannot hurt. Because all websites that are operated by companies from EU countries must contain an imprint in which, in addition to the address, a contact person and their accessibility are specified. If the imprint is missing or incomplete, caution is advised.
  • If you want to contact the company by phone, you should also take care not to use a chargeable phone number

Typical examples of a dubious activity

Some offers for homework, in particular, have attracted negative attention in the past. Interested parties should exercise particular caution in the following jobs:


Packaging work is usually done by machine. If the work is particularly delicate, it can, of course, be done by hand, but there is no mass market for it. Such jobs are usually given by companies to homeworkers who live close to the company – not least because the logistical effort would otherwise be far too high

Filling surprise bags

The same applies here as for other packaging work. Because nowadays, surprise bags are either filled by machine or the work is outsourced to low-wage countries. Dubious providers usually ask prospective buyers to buy a starter set, but they cannot do anything with it because subsequently no paid work is offered.

Assembling pens

In Germany, the assembly of ballpoint pens in homework is hardly worth it. Nevertheless, corresponding advertisements can be found again and again, which has caused problems in the past.

Copying and burning CDs

With such an offer, the prospects are not only deceived, but they also make possibly even punishable if they pursue this activity. The reason: these are pirated copies. However, such an offer can only be a tempting offer, which is intended to tempt prospective customers to call a chargeable hotline or to buy the necessary material. 

Sorting stamps

Postage stamp sets that are offered in stores are indeed put together by hand, but usually in a low-wage country. However, this scam still works great. Because prospective homeworkers are usually looking for solid work that is easy to do.

Serious offers for homework

Although there are a lot of black sheep out and about in this industry, there are also numerous reputable providers of homework. The jobs are usually given as a side job, but a full-time entry or your own online business is also very possible. Those who are interested in these offers usually only need an internet-enabled computer and should also be reachable by phone.

Additional investments that go beyond this are not necessary.

Text, correct and proofread

There is a great need for high-quality texts not only for websites but also for print media. Whoever works as a copywriter at home, writes the content of the texts according to a specific requirement on the part of the client. The task of the copywriter is not only to formulate the texts but also to research the content that he needs for the creation of the text.

These tasks are – provided the client also has the necessary payment behavior – a serious homework, which can also be done online excellently. Corresponding orders can be found via job advertisements or various online exchanges.

Testing digital content

If you want to work in the area of ​​so-called usability tests, you can test websites as well as games, apps and other software. Factors such as design, speed, and user-friendliness are usually taken into account. The testers may also have to look for minor errors on behalf of the manufacturers so that they can optimize the software before it goes on sale to customers.  

Anyone who is interested in this part-time job from home must, of course, have a certain interest in the respective topic and work very carefully. Relevant orders can be found by interested parties via job exchanges or certain apps that list these types of jobs.

Caring for customers

In most cases, companies only assign the task of customer care to employees who can also do their work from their home office. To do this, however, they need a room in which they can make calls undisturbed . The area of ​​responsibility ranges from advising customers to answering questions to receiving complaints.

They either communicate with customers:

  • by phone,
  • via chat or
  • via email.

The acquisition of data

Creating and maintaining a company’s database is also a task that can be done easily from the home office. Such activities are assigned to both permanent employees and freelancers . If you are interested, you will find suitable offers on classified ads portals or in various job exchanges.

The scope of duties includes:

  • the collection of customer data or
  • the creation of product data.

This activity is also in demand in research because it is often a question of manually recording the results of surveys or surveys.

Writing transcriptions

Anyone who writes a transcription must record texts from video or audio recordings in writing. This activity is necessary if speech recognition software cannot deliver reliable and good results. Transcriptions are especially in demand when it comes to

  • Minutes of a conference,
  • Interviews,
  • Lectures or
  • Lectures go.

The data is exchanged digitally so that the work can be done easily from the home office.

This work is facilitated by special transcription software, which can be used to stop the recording while writing. Those interested in this job can, therefore, start without worry and acquire the necessary routine over time.

Production work in the region

Manual work has become extremely atypical for homeworkers, but many companies still assign these tasks. However, such jobs are no longer advertised nationwide; rather, prospective customers have to contact companies directly. The sectors offer opportunities for such a job

  • Textile,
  • Precision engineering and
  • Electrical engineering.

If you are interested in such an activity, you should make sure that the distance between your place of residence and the company is not too great, because you may have to deliver yourself. Companies that work seriously usually provide both the tools and the working materials to homeworkers free of charge.  

A micro job

Anyone interested in a so-called micro job only needs a PC and access to the Internet. Now he registers on one of the numerous crowdsourcing platforms and takes on jobs that interest him and that suits him.

As soon as an order is completed, the contractor will receive the amount that has been previously determined. Payment is usually possible as soon as a certain minimum amount has been reached. Although the ratio between the effort and the yield is not always the best, micro jobs offer the opportunity to do the work flexibly in terms of time.

Participate in surveys

Serious opportunities for homework also include taking part in online surveys. These are awarded by companies, but also by consulting firms and opinion research institutes, which also use the results obtained from the surveys. Companies use the tool of online surveys, for example, to develop new products or implement advertising measures.

Anyone who decides to take up this job is unlikely to be able to earn full-time earnings.

  • However, participating in online surveys is a good additional income.
  • In addition, this job can be carried out without any time restrictions.
  • In addition, the participants often receive additional vouchers for their work as a small compensation.

Online surveys, but also product tester jobs are offered on a variety of platforms. Anyone interested in this activity is well advised to register on several platforms. Then they will receive regular invitations to take part in a survey.

By registering, the person concerned does not undertake any obligation to actually take part in surveys. Furthermore, he does not have to pay any fees for the registration, just provide personal data.

Bitcoin trading

Another option is trading with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Due to the sometimes strong, short-term price fluctuations, it is quite easy to generate good profits. Here are some good platforms to get you started: 


Above all, the possibilities of freely arranging your working hours make homework a popular alternative for the main or part-time job. Because this way work and family can be reconciled much better, especially since working from home also saves a lot of time and costs.

There are more than enough Best jobs to make money from home office on the Internet on the corresponding platforms.

I hope you enjoy this article, for more details about the Best jobs to make money from home keep reading our blog.

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