Earn money while playing on Your phone with App Flame

App Flame android app

Users of the App Flame application play smartphone games and are paid for it. You can find out how this works, what exactly is behind the application and which alternatives are available to make money with your own smartphone.

How App Flame works

App Flame rewards your activities with points. As a user, you download selected games and earn points by running the applications. These are called mCoins and can be exchanged for credit.

  • App Flame itself does not offer any games. You must download these separately from the Google Play Store. The application only registers that you are playing a game and gives you points for it. Via the menu item “Featured” you can see currently available titles.
  • After installing App Flame, create a user account. You have to manually give the software access to your smartphone usage data. If you do not want this, you can restrict certain app permissions on Android .
  • After creating the account, you will see the games available on the app’s homepage. If you choose one, you will be redirected to the Play Store. There you download the game.
  • App Flame automatically registers when you start the game and measures the time you spend in it. The number of points earned per minute is displayed in the application and varies from game to game.
  • You can then exchange the earned points for credits with providers such as PayPal or Amazon.

Earn money with Android apps

In addition to App Flame, there are numerous other smartphone applications that you can use to make money.

  • Roamler is an app that lets you do small jobs in your city and make money. As a rule, you have to take photos of certain things and then send them to the application. Successfully completed orders will give you experience points and increase levels. With a higher level you get more interesting orders and the potential earnings also increase.
  • The Google Survey app is a simple and fun way to top up your Play Store balance. By participating in short surveys, you will receive a sum of money directly into your Google Play account.
  • In another article we will show you which apps you can use to make money with Android .

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