Earn money with Facebook step by step guide

Earn money with Facebook

In the case of like agents who represent the marketplace for this, the two parties come together. On the one hand, there are sponsors who buy likes and on the other hand, you can find the users who want to earn money with likes.

For a while, this caused a sensation in the media, as companies or public persons bought likes for their Facebook page – maybe you noticed. Likes are very valuable and many like to pay for them.

I also used the offer and bought almost 100 likes for my freshly created Facebook page. It definitely makes a completely different impression and increases the range – I can recommend it. But first and foremost, of course, I wanted to make money with the platforms and what I have taken with it so far, I mentioned above.

What platforms are there to make money with likes?

There are really many providers where you can register and earn money with likes. But paid likes and fan slaves are traded as the two best in this segment. With registration at these platforms you can’t go wrong.

Both stand out from the competition, pay off reliably and you will find relatively many likes that are paid with 0.02 – 0.07 euros. So a few likes are enough to make the quick euro.

I personally like the appealing modern design and that I usually get the highest payment for alike with both. Time and earnings are very fair here.

Both have their own advantages. At Fanslave you can have the money paid out in bitcoins instead of euros. Since we are in a cryptocurrency era and the price is increasing, this payout option is well worth considering. After all, you can maximize the income of Fanslave – for example, 50 euros will become 100 euros.

At Paidlikes you will find the very popular Paypal as a payment option. With this, payments are often made in record time (a few hours). Paid likes also have a comparatively high remuneration for up to 6 cents per Facebook like.

How can I sign up?

Registration is free and straightforward. You register on the respective platforms and then you link your Facebook profile. Then you can immediately start making money with Facebook Likes.

In the meantime, other social networks have been integrated into Paidlikes and Fanslave. In addition to Facebook, Google + 1, Twitter and Youtube can now be found. So you can also make money by watching YouTube videos or subscribing to channels, for example.

You should consider these 4 points

1. You shouldn’t assign too many likes a day, otherwise, Facebook blocks the Like button for a short time. I read somewhere that from 70 likes the said lock applies. I myself have never made more than 35-40 likes a day and therefore cannot say whether the number is correct. I think with around 30-45 likes in one day you are on the safe side.

2. We are in a pocket money segment here. If you are regularly active, you can expect to earn between 20 – 50 euros a month. If that’s exactly what you were looking for, you can see from my earnings that it can be worthwhile to stay tuned. If that’s not enough, I’ll explain below how you can earn more.

3. Use your real Facebook account. Anyone who creates a fake account runs the risk that the work was in vain and the account with the like brokers will be blocked.

4. With Paidlikes, every new user is in a restricted mode until the first payment. New users are therefore advised to work only up to the payment limit of € 5 and then to request a payment. Then you will be unlocked, will receive more campaigns and better remuneration. The first 5 € is, therefore, the “most difficult”.

For whom is it suitable?

In principle for everyone who wants to make money quickly and easily with Likes. Anyone who is at least 16 years old can participate. As a rule, it is often pupils, students, housewives, and low earners, or people who simply want to build up a small additional income on the Internet.

Advertise referrals – increase revenue

In Paid4, it is common to be able to increase your earnings by advertising referrals. In the member area, you will find a special link that will be assigned to you. If someone logs in via this link, they are automatically your referral.

Many wonder whether the referral advertised will then earn less or whether there will be a disadvantage in any way. But that is not the case.

With paid likes, you get 10% of the total turnover of your referrals and with fans love it is 15% 

As you can see, 5% more and the 2nd ref level make a relatively big difference. Advertising referrals for fan slaves is therefore almost twice as worthwhile. Nevertheless, one should not underestimate paid likes in this regard, since many seem to feel a bit more comfortable on this platform.

For the rest, in this example, I kept the number of referrals advertised and the income very modest. Realistically speaking, you will be able to advertise more than 20 referrals. And 250 euros divided by 20 referrals results in a per capita income of 12.50 euros – which you can earn on both platforms in a short time.

On the 2nd level, you will find all the referrals that were referenced by your referrals from the 1st level.

Both providers hold regular referral rallies. If you advertise a lot of referrals during this time, you have a good chance of winning prize money. Fans love pays a total of 1050 euros and with paid likes, the whole thing always varies a bit but is usually around 100 euros.

Earn money with likes – conclusion

In Paid4, some providers have so little remuneration that it takes a long time to reach the payment limit. With the income, you can then specify everything else, but not.

There are platforms that pay a maximum of 0.01 – 0.02 euros or less for alike. However, with paid likes and fan slaves, the focus is on the user and therefore much higher income is possible.

If you register with both, you have a strong combination to earn something extra every month. If you also start advertising referrals, you not only earn more but also build up a passive income.

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