Evaluation in the form of opinion polls is an essential component in today’s entrepreneurship to subject products and services to an optimization process. In the past, such surveys were carried out analogously on the street and were therefore associated with high costs. Today is easier and you can even earn money with online surveys

The digital age has forgotten this type of implementation and has created special institutes that distribute surveys online to users of certain target groups. The procedure is completely automated and provides a fee for participation.

Companies have the option of precisely localizing the respective target group via so-called online panels and thus questioning the right people. Panelists receive money for participating in the survey – a win-win situation.


Online surveys: what can you earn?

How much money can online survey surveys actually generate? The answer to this question is based on a common rule of thumb, which states that ten minutes of survey time is paid on average with one euro. Of course, this mathematical generalization cannot be applied to all online surveys.

Hourly wages for professional survey participants who perform this activity on a regular basis are between eight and 16 euros. Each provider usually offers a limited number of surveys per month. On average, the potential earnings per provider per month are around 25 euros if surveys are regularly attended.

In order to do justice to the cut or even exceed it, it is advisable to participate in online surveys with as many providers as possible. As a result, the number of surveys logically increases and additional earnings of between 200 and 300 euros are possible.

Online surveys: Top 10 best providers

Providers of online surveys are of course not a substitute for a reasonable job, but offer a nice extra income. Above all, flexibility and independence speak for participation. Regardless of whether it is everyday commuting by train, waiting for a delivery or other time-keeping activities – answering a few questions on your cell phone or laptop is not rocket science and easy.

Generally, such surveys take no longer than ten minutes. When this time frame is blown up, the target is usually somewhat more generous. Participation in a survey can, therefore, bring in up to seven euros. Those who are more strictly limited in time can resort to more entertaining surveys and are under no pressure.

The arsenal of providers for online surveys is abundant and offers interested users a huge selection to add to their own finances. In order to prevent a blind plunge into the world of online surveys, some helpful tips are listed in the following lines. Finally, the possibility should be guaranteed to get the maximum out of each side.

Online surveys: tips and tricks


Tip 1: Register with multiple portals

In order to make as much money as possible, it is advisable to register with as many portals as possible. So the pool of possible surveys is never exhausted and you don’t get into the situation that a certain dependency arises from invitations. In addition, the best-paid surveys can be selected to own the highest possible profit margin.

Disadvantages of nationwide registrations are not to be feared, because uncomplicated deregistration is possible at any time if some offers do not meet your own expectations.

Tip 2: Create a separate email address

Of course, using a separate email address for online surveys is not an absolute must. However, so that the overview is not lost and there is a certain order in your own digital mailbox, it is advisable to create a separate email address. It is important that the emails are checked every day since many surveys only have a short validity window.

Tip 3: keep honesty

When completing the online surveys, the top virtue should be honesty. Incorrect information should also be avoided to save time. In some cases, penalties can be imposed for contradicting information or incorrect answers!

Those who pretend to be a well-heeled businessman to get more surveys should refrain from doing so. The supposed levering out of the system is counterproductive for the evaluation of the surveys and misses the actual goal.

Tip 4: Beware of dubious sites!

The Internet is both a blessing and a curse. This mantra also applies to online surveys, as there are a number of websites that do dubious surveys. Here it is important to inform yourself beforehand about the respective portal and to exercise caution with the smallest inconsistencies. A common indication is the making of unrealistic payments or promises or, of course, the misuse of your personal data. It is best to simply use one of the top 10 providers above.

Tip 5: Payout when the limit is reached

Almost every provider of online surveys works with so-called limits, which symbolize a minimum value for the corresponding remuneration. If such a minimum value has been reached, immediate payment is recommended – unless a large bonus is targeted.

On some pages, it can happen that the collected points expire after a certain time or can only be redeemed at a certain time.

Tip 6: Don’t pay for registrations!

Reputable and established portals for online surveys never ask for money to register. This applies to all providers listed in this guide. If a site that offers surveys in any way requires a fee to register, this should be avoided.

Tip 7: Fill in the profile

Surveys always aim to address a certain group of people or to identify this so-called target group. Therefore, almost every provider of online surveys offer an extensive profile to create.

As much personal information as possible should be provided there. In addition to information on age and gender, data such as educational qualifications, hobbies or pets are also crucial for market research companies. The more information is entered, the more surveys can be assigned to your own profile. And ultimately, this is how you can make the most money through online surveys.

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