Earn money with YouTube channel

Due to its enormous presence in people’s everyday lives, the Internet offers itself as a profitable source of income, which by far does not only mean the booming online shopping: on the video platform YouTube, which is very popular worldwide, there is an entrepreneurial opportunity to generate income that is not to be despised if that address or convince a large audience of their own content.

 YouTube is no longer a platform for purely private content, the commercial aspect is everywhere in the form of advertisements visible. It is exactly these ads that can make your own YouTube channel a profitable source of income. Successful channels like that of the Sweden PewDiePie already reach over 10 million subscribers, in Germany the successful YouTubers from YTITTY have already reached a very high level of awareness. 

Those who manage to exceed the million threshold can sometimes generate such high income that their livelihood can be secured. However, all YouTubers start out small. Nobody should be under the illusion that YouTube will make you rich overnight. Patience, creativity, a well thought-out strategy and also a bit of luck are certainly necessary to steer independence on the video platform onto the virtual fast lane.
YouTubers use the attraction of videos: the more creative the content, the higher the number of subscribers

The goal of your own YouTube channel must be to reach as many subscribers and traffic as possible. Advertising clips of various lengths are recorded on the page, with YouTube sharing its profits with its users. It goes without saying that there must be a certain base of subscribers in order to be able to speak of attractive earnings in the sense of self-employment. 

As a guideline, it should be noted that YouTube does not even pay out amounts under 70 euros. In general, from a media psychological point of view, videos are a very good lure to attract users. It has been shown that the previews of videos in search engine results, for example, attract attention much more than pure text hits. If you link your YouTube channel to a blog or an online shop,
It is important to find your own thematic niche for a large audience

High-quality videos can now be created easily and quickly due to the wide range of program options, and uploading is done in just a few moments, so that ideally you can passively earn money. However, the content should be chosen carefully, a separate ‘market gap’ can be found. So it is not very promising to open the 500th YouTube channel on make-up tips. 

However, if you want to address a fairly large crowd (which is necessary for high advertising revenue!), You should not choose your area of ​​expertise too specifically. In this sense, the care of student flowers in window boxes is hardly suitable as an example to exceed the million mark of subscribers. When it comes to finding a topic, it is important to be creative and stand out. 

The topic should have a high relevance for users, your own professional expertise must be recognizable or even more VISIBLE. There is no magic formula for success on YouTube. However, start-ups do not take any risks because the investment measures for any professionally created videos are limited. As a rule, anyone who wants to make money on YouTube needs patience in addition to outstanding ideas.
Earn money with YouTube: what is the income?

The amount of possible earnings depends on various factors, with the number of clicks being of particular importance. If you only reach a few hundred users, you won’t get past a few cents. But if you manage to achieve 5- or 6-digit click rates, you can earn hundreds or even thousands of euros a month. It is quite realistic as a professional YouTuber to generate such high income that you can make a good living from it. 

However, it should always be borne in mind that the audience is kept in a good mood. Constant activities and fresh ideas are required to keep up with the conversation and to generate constant expectations. Anyone who believes that earning money with YouTube is a sure-fire success is on the wrong track right from the start. Company or shop operator,
Technical requirements: account settings and other factors

The earning potential cannot be precisely quantified, especially since YouTube deliberately spreads some fog here. As a guideline, however, it can be stated that noteworthy income can only be achieved as a secondary income from a click rate above 10,000. By the way, YouTube contractually obliges its users to remain silent about the earnings generated. If you want to make money with YouTube, you must first have an account with Google’s advertising service (Adsense)set up and link it to YouTube. 

The settings are to be selected in such a way that videos are monetized, ie YouTube must be given permission to display advertisements in uploaded videos. 

YouTuber can also specify the scope of the advertising blocks in the account settings, including where the advertising is placed. Unfortunately, the content of the advertising cannot be determined, so that thematic relevance is not always given. This shows a weak point, because unsuitable advertising is quickly perceived as annoying. However, if you own a large and, above all, loyal fan base, you do not have to fear such disruptive effects.
Checklist: ingredients and tasks for a successful
channel on YouTube

  • In the beginning, you need a brilliant idea: What should the virtual fan base get excited about?
  • Is the know-how available for professional and convincing videos (possibly cooperation with agencies)?
  • In addition to a channel, there must also be a link to Google Adsense – The settings must be selected so that advertising can be placed – With the acceptance of the terms and conditions, German copyright law must be observed – Profits are subject to income tax
  • At the beginning, it is advisable to consider YouTube as an additional income
  • Beware of boredom: a successful channel takes time and always new ideas

Practical tips in a nutshell: what else should be considered

With a view to becoming self-employed, there must be clarity that the income is subject to income tax , even if it is only a part-time self-employment. So if you want to make money on YouTube permanently, you have to take into account that taxes and expenses for health insurance, retirement provision and any insurancereduce the revenue. 

With regard to possible criminal and financial risks, there must also be clarity that with the acceptance of YouTube’s terms and conditions, German copyright law applies. So whoever uses foreign material in whatever form in the videos needs an explicit permission (this applies in particular to music videos, for example). Possible consequences range from blocking the channel to costly warnings. 

Anyone who is flirting with the idea of ​​becoming self-employed as a YouTuber does not take any noteworthy risk due to the fact that investment costs are virtually non-existent, especially since the use of the platform is free of charge. The basis of success must initially be found by finding a thematic niche that can inspire a wide audience over a longer period of time.

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