How a Freelancer earn as a side job? Beginners Guide

how a freelancer earn

For many workers, the main job is only part of their professional life because they work part-time as a freelancer. What do you have to consider?

The part-time job as a freelancer is an opportunity for many people to gain additional work experience or to generate a part-time income. Others see the free employment model in addition to the main job, the potential to gain experience and later be able to work completely freelance. In both cases, there are a few things to consider.

Possible fields of activity as a freelancer

So which fields of activity are possible? The good news: Basically everyone for whom you have the relevant expertise . But remember:  You will have less time for a part-time job as a freelancer than for your main job , so that activities that you can do from home are particularly worthwhile:

  • writing articles
  • running your own blog
  • maintaining websites
  • programming apps
  • optimizing the visibility of websites (SEO, SEA)

Also consider the competition when choosing your job . The copywriter and blogger industry has been highly competitive for years, making it difficult to get a foothold. Especially since many freelance journalists or copywriters write for small amounts. However, such a job can be worth it if you choose the right industry.

Clerks in the areas of banking and finance, IT, automotive, insurance and telecommunications are well paid; at the other end are tourism, electronics and media. Since the technology industry has experienced an upswing in recent years, both technical journalists and IT specialists are in great demand. This is also reflected in the hourly rates.

earning potential

The tax aspects play a major role in the freelance part-time job. The tax office would like to be informed about the additional income. As a rule of thumb, there are no limits to part-time earnings unless you get financial help from the state. This applies, for example, to recipients of unemployment benefit 1 (ALG 1), Hartz IV (ALG 2) or a student, the BAföG.

Pay attention to your hourly wages in the earning opportunities so that the side job is also financially worthwhile. Read our tips to find out what you can charge per hour as a freelancer.

Further training and client

Even if you have the skills to perform a specific job, you cannot avoid training in the long term. Your career depends largely on how you develop personally and professionally. If you are lucky, you may be able to do the part-time job in the future.

The key to success are your clients, which you should choose from the start. Take your time and choose companies with whom you can and want to work in the long term. As soon as you have successfully demonstrated your competence, you will receive follow-up orders. However, be careful not to fall into the trap of bogus self-employment .

Business registration for the side job freelancer?

Those who want to become part-time freelancers are not forced to register a business if the desired activity can be found in the Income Tax Act (Section 18 (1) EStG). In such cases, it is sufficient to notify the tax office of the independent activity in writing, in the form of a letter . Freelance work includes:

  • interpreter
  • guide
  • dentists
  • Naturopaths
  • engineers
  • Notaries

The tax office ultimately decides whether you are a freelancer. It is best to clarify your individual situation in advance with your tax advisor and the tax office.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you want to work part-time as a freelancer, there are various advantages and disadvantages that you should consider in advance:

benefits disadvantage
additional income possible negative influence on the main activity (e.g. due to overload)
additionally gain experience / references Employer has to agree
Try out the business idea less spare time
Create the basis for full-time freelancing
make own decisions

If you are a founder, you can benefit from funding programs and grants , for example . A crucial disadvantage and a common reason for deciding against part- time work is the additional time and overtime associated with the additional work – you practically have two jobs.

chances and risks

Freelancer as a side job – most people only see opportunities for themselves:

  • turn your favorite hobby into a profession
  • finally be your own boss
  • work independently
  • to earn more money
  • Create the basis for full-time work
  • Try out the business idea

However, these opportunities also face risks and challenges: It is often forgotten to at least notify the boss about the new job. If necessary, inform your employer at an early stage that you have chosen a part-time job as a freelancer. The part-time job as a freelancer must not have a negative impact on your performance and you must not compete with your employer .

Conclusion on part-time freelancing

The part-time job as a freelancer can serve as a career ladder, exit from the nine-to-five routine or as additional income. Whatever your reason for choosing this part-time job: Don’t take the risks lightly – then nothing stands in the way of part-time freelancing.

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