How much do bloggers earn

Can bloggers really make a living from blogging? And how exactly does that work? We clarify the most important questions.

What was smiled at a few years ago is now considered a lucrative second pillar – or even a main job? We’re talking about fashion blogs. They are springing up like mushrooms – so it seems to be worth it, isn’t it?

Bloggers have a lot of expenses

I am a blogger myself. But like most people, I don’t like to talk about my income. But one thing is certain: As with all freelance journalists and freelancers, what goes into the account at the end of the month depends on the order situation. There are definitely some bloggers now who state that they can live from their work, and the trend is rising. This was an exception recently, as very few companies were willing to pay a fee for the work they did. They just wanted to compensate blogs with products or discounts. However, because bloggers are spending more and more, a majority of them demand adequate remuneration for their work. Understandable, because the monthly costs are slowing down: This includes, for example, server hosting, own domains,

Fashion blogger study

In June 2015, the fashion community Styleranking carried out the second fashion blogger study on the monetization and marketing of blogs with a focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. This reveals how much money German bloggers earn gross. In addition, other interesting facts were queried from the 220 participating blogs.

How much exactly do bloggers earn per month?

This non-representative study shows that a “sponsored post”, ie a contribution in which the product of a customer is presented, costs an average of just over 400 euros. Video postings are best paid at an average of 1,270 euros. One can say that enforceable prices, i.e. income for the blog, increase with the reach. Almost 60% of the blogs surveyed recorded up to 20,000 PIs (page impressions = all clicks on the page) and 14% more than 60,000 per month.

According to the Styleranking survey, the greater the reach of the site, the higher its monthly sales. Overall, most blogs stay below 1,000 euros per month. If the page impressions of a blog are over 80,000 per month, about half of them earn more than 3,000 to 5,000 euros per month.

Average revenue for advertising collaborations per month

And how exactly do bloggers make money?

The question I get asked as a blogger is: How exactly do you make money with your own site? There are several options:

Advertorials: A company asks if I want to post or mention a product from them in a post. I then check to see if I like the products, for example, choose a pair of pants that I will photograph in my next outfit, and receive payment for this.

Affiliate links: This means that the blogger is registered with a so-called affiliate partner. For example, I link the individual parts of my outfit to partner shops. If a reader clicks on this link and buys the part, I will become a percentage of the sale.

Banner and YouTube advertising: The classic advertising banners, as you know them from the Internet, can of course also be integrated on blogs or YouTube videos of bloggers.

Event visits: Bloggers can also be paid for events – simply for appearing there.

Creative implementation: For example, the “takeover” of a brand’s Instagram account. This could be such that the blogger posts not via his own account for a certain period of time, but also via the customer’s account. But that’s just one idea out of many – there are no limits to creativity here.

Model or acting jobs: It also happens that you are asked as a model based on the blog. These jobs then do not have to be directly related to the site. But also acting engagements come about. You can see the YouTube stars Freshtorge, Y-Titty, and Simon Desue in the film “Potato Salad – Don’t Ask!” Since the end of July. on the cinema screens.

Moderation jobs or jury work: I was once booked as a jury member of a model contest or as a moderator for video production.

Testimonial: For example, I was booked by a brand some time ago to test their products in front of the camera and to give useful tips. The clips were then integrated into the brand’s online shop.


Some readers speak up and complain about accounts on Facebook or Instagram and blog pages, where every second post is sponsored. Especially at a time when more and more bloggers are giving up the security of a permanent position and concentrating fully on the blog, one could complain that collaborations are accepted that do not suit the blogger. Authenticity is a blogger’s greatest asset. However, if the existence of cooperation is dependent, cooperation is quickly promised that would normally not be accepted.

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