How to earn through article writing

Write articles online

Companies that hire a freelance author or copywriter to write their online texts benefit from the experience of the copywriters. For online articles, guidelines of search engine optimization, or SEO for short, must be taken into account. A freelance author who specializes in online texts knows that search engine-optimized articles have to contain certain keywords. At the same time, it is important that the product text or SEO text does not consist of copied content, because such texts sometimes do not show search engines as a search result. Apart from that, original articles also offer readers added value and improve their perception of the website.

If companies can have texts written , a detailed briefing by the respective author is crucial. This is the only way to take the peculiarities of the text and the wishes of the client into account. What kind of item is wanted? Should it be informative, entertaining or both? A guidebook article, glossary article or magazine article can provide entertaining information or just list the facts. Which target group is the text aimed at? Which language style and which wording is best suited also depends on the target group. If the clerk receives this information, he quickly creates original articles with quality for the client.

Let blog articles be written

A special form of online articles are posts on a blog. These do not always have to be informative, but can also simply entertain the reader. Blog articles can contain news, tips and recommendations, reviews or testimonials. Private bloggers also benefit from a ghostwriter or author from whom they can have blog articles written, This is how they secure current and new content. For a company, having your own blog is a simple way to address your customers. If the customer feels entertained or adds value from the article, he will come back or recommend the company. The comment function of a blog also enables direct interaction. If the articles are written according to SEO guidelines, this increases the visibility of the blog and also the company through better placement in search engine results.

Let articles write – the advantages

Companies and bloggers save time and resources if they hire an experienced author, copywriter or ghostwriter to write one or the other article. These authors not only have writing experience, but also offer special expertise. Accordingly, clients choose an author who knows the trends in certain areas, such as cosmetics, automobiles, technology or medicine. Another advantage arises from possible foreign language skills of the respective author. In this way, companies can also have texts translated and present their products or services beyond the domestic market. At the same time, employees who would have to be turned off for writing can be used more effectively according to their qualifications.

Especially when companies, institutions or associations can write SEO texts, they benefit from the experience and knowledge of the commissioned authors. Because they have the necessary knowledge of search engine optimization and thus ensure the quality of web-optimized texts. In a short time, they create high-quality, original articles tailored to the target group for the Internet or the printed magazine.

Write an article on is a platform on which clients of texts and authors can find each other. Only verified experts can work as authors and ghostwriters on this portal. To ensure that the author’s style meets your own ideas, reference articles are available for the client. Verified experts for each article can be found in an auction. The experts offer various price suggestions for the order so that the pricing can be optimally compared. Freelance authors, ghostwriters or editors, on the other hand, have the opportunity to find orders on the portal and to earn money by writing articles and texts . They set their own prices based on the workload.

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