How to make quick money

Earn money online? Get quick money – without any credit

Do you need fast money and are you looking for important tips on how to make money quickly? Then we have the right solution for you. We have gathered tips and information on how you can legally make quick money without problems, even without taking out a loan from a bank. Giromatch shows you the secret tricks of how you can earn serious money online. Thanks to the internet, it is easier than before to make quick money from the comfort of your own home – or even from your laptop.

We have summarized the best tips

  • Simple: Comfortable from home, with a smartphone or laptop
  • Fast: on the same day or in a few hours
  • Anonymous: whether with or without Schufa

Earn quick money: this is how it works without any problems

Many people ask: “How can I get money quickly?” And for many this is a problem. But there are different solutions how you can easily make money. We show you 5 tips on how you can make money quickly.

Tip 1: Quickly borrow money from a private person

No credit, no bank, no hassle. If you want to borrow money quickly, then borrowing from individuals is an easy solution. It may be worth asking your friends, family, or relatives for a short-term injection of cash because they are the most helpful. This makes it possible to earn simple cash without having to go to a bank. So-called “peer-to-peer” marketplaces are also a solution. These providers have donors who can give you an injection of money in a short time without having to wait for days, as is customary with a bank loan. This can be an interesting way to raise money quickly.

Tip 2: Earn money online – it is possible on the Internet

Instead of borrowing fast money from private people, would you prefer to make money from home? Then you can make money on the Internet – without having to leave the couch. The so-called “digital nomads” have shown the way: a group of people who only make money online. You have built successful online businesses and work from all over the world on the Internet. You can too, with these solutions:

Start an affiliate program: earn money while you sleep

  • Start your own affiliate program and promote products from providers who pay you a commission. Affiliate programs are based on the fact that, for example, you advertise, test or write reviews on your website and thus attract users. Customers who buy the product after becoming aware of it through your experience report will reimburse you with a hefty commission.

Fill out surveys on the Internet

  • Many market research institutes are desperately looking for prospective customers to fill out surveys. In addition to research institutes, (marketing) companies or universities are also looking for interested parties. In addition to a small salary, you also add value for everyone.

Write texts and produce content

  • Many websites are looking for people who can write texts for their website and prepare new content. There are also specialized pages on which prospective writers can sell your texts. The remuneration per article can also be over 100 euros. This remuneration mostly depends on the number of words and the quality of the text.

Browse classifieds in newspapers or on eBay

  • Many classified ads offer jobs for small jobs, some of which can be done from home, some in the region. On the other hand, there is an immediate payment in cash, which gives you a quick financial injection. You may also find a purchase request for electronics or things that you no longer need yourself.

Tip 3: Neighborhood help – hundreds of euros in just a few minutes

Neighborhood support is a good solution if you need money quickly. To do this, either look in classified ads or look in the local newspaper. Many people are looking for help with small matters, such as mowing the garden or setting up a website. Internet services, in particular, make it easy to make money from home by creating websites. Take a look around free website providers and offer your services to potential customers.

Tip 4: Earn money online: sell old items

Whether clothes, old games or the old computer: many things that you no longer need have a value with which you can earn hard cash. Take a look around your house or basement and find the items that you haven’t used for years but with which you can still make money. Many people have valuable rarities stored in the basement (trading cards, an old Playstation or similar), which leads to cash for the right buyer.

Tip 5: Pawn valuable things – go to the online pawnshop

The pawnshop is our fifth alternative, with which you can quickly make money. If you pawn valuable items, you can have literally 1,000 euros in cash in a matter of minutes. The pawnshop is the right place to go to get money easily – without any lead times or long processing times. Some online pawnshops allow you to speed up the process and get money faster – without credit and without bureaucratic effort. Search for your nearest pawnshop. A fine watch or gold jewelry can, for example, be pawned without any problems. Some pawn shops even offer you a deposit for your Playstation. How much deposit you get for a Playstation (PS3 / PS4) depends on the pawnshop.

Tip 6: Cash for the car at the pawn shop

If you have your own car, you can easily get cash. There are special providers like Pfando. Here you can lend a car and continue driving. How does the Pfando pawnshop work?

Sounds easy? It is! Pfando works like a car pawn shop, but instead of being pawned, you can take it back with “Cash and Drive” and you don’t have to do without money or your car.

  1. Take the car to one of the many branches in Germany
  2. You get the cash in your hand immediately
  3. You drive back home with your car and cash

What makes Pfando’s offer so easy? Since Pfando is not a bank, it doesn’t matter what Schufa says! This means that despite Pfufa’s Schufa entry, you can still receive money because the important thing is the car and not just any files. The same applies to people like the self-employed, who are often rejected by banks just because they act financially differently from employees.

Tip 7: Donate blood or test medication

What sounds very crazy has been quite normal for decades: donating blood or testing medication as a medical subject. When donating blood, you can normally have blood or blood plasma taken once a month and, depending on the institute, you will receive an allowance in return.
As a drug tester – so-called “subject” – you can earn a lot more. Some highly paid tests run for several weeks or even months and you are paid with several thousand euros per month. These so-called “clinical tests” or “clinical trials” are attractive ways to make money, but you should always be well informed about what you are getting into beforehand

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