Three different ways to make money online from anywhere in the world

make money from anywhere in the world

There are many different ways to work anywhere. For the purpose of this blog post, I have divided them into three strategies.

These are freelancing, blogging and online business with the sale of (information) products.


The big difference is that in freelancing you swap your workforce for direct payment, so you only earn something if you also deliver something.

With a well-established blog or online business, you can make money day and night, regardless of your working hours.

Below I give you other ways you can earn money as a digital nomad.


1. Freelancing is a good option for beginners

If you want to start working anywhere, freelancing is a good idea.

There are basically two options here:

either you create a profile on a portal for freelancers (Elance, oDesk, or you market your services directly on your own portfolio website.

The most common freelance jobs include:

  • Digital assistants (see for example these portals )
  • programmer
  • Photographers
  • (Web) designer
  • Consulting (SEO, Marketing, Social Media …)
  • Coaching (business, life advice…)
  • translator
  • Copywriter
  • journalists
  • … and pretty much everything else that can be done online.

From my own experience, I can say that even with unskilled jobs, after some training and building up a customer base, you can make a good living from the money earned.

An alternative to Freelancing is Micro Jobs, whereby projects into tiny tasks broken down and processed by different people. The technical requirements for this work are extremely low, but this also applies to the payment. Some platforms for micro-jobs are Streetspotr, Fiverr, Clickworker or MyLittleJob for students.

If you love your job so far but miss the flexibility, why not think about telecommuting? Suggest to your boss that you do your job temporarily (or long-term) out of the office. This may not work for all jobs, but many jobs do not require a physical presence. More on this in a guest post by Pascal.


2. Blogging can open up unprecedented opportunities

Starting your own blog offers endless opportunities to make money wherever you are.

But be careful: it takes months or even years for your blog to raise enough money to cover your living expenses. So see it as a long-term project with great earnings potential.

Don’t make the mistake of seeing your blog as a source of money. Then neither you nor your readers will enjoy it.

Blogging is primarily used for self-fulfillment, sharing knowledge and building a platform.

As soon as a sufficiently large readership has recognized the value of your contributions, there are the following options for making money:

  • Affiliate links (advertising products from other providers)
  • Advertising (direct marketing of advertising banners, Google AdSense or via other advertising networks)
  • Paid articles and link sales (backlink seller, Teliad, Ranksider, Rankseller, Everlinks or via direct inquiries)
  • Sales of own products (eBooks, online courses, services)

In the long term, you should not stuff the blog with advertising and paid content, but rather see it as a platform for your own products. If you have thousands of loyal readers, they will be happy to buy a good eBook from you or book an online course.

With their blog camp online course, Conni and Sebastian show you how to build a successful blog and how you can earn money with it.


3. Online business with information products

The nice thing about selling your own products is that you create them once and then have recurring income.

This passive income comes, for example, from the sale of eBooks, online courses, smartphone apps, WordPress plugins or other information products.

If you have an idea for a product but are having trouble implementing it, look for a partner or pay someone to help you.

The finished product is offered via a download link and the entire sales process is automated, which means that you only have to take care of marketing and customer questions when traveling.

Selling these products is of course much easier if you already have an existing platform. By that, I mean a blog, an email list, many followers in social networks or a large personal network. Otherwise, the application via ads on Google or social networks can bring the necessary buyers.

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