become a successful streamer
Many gamers have streamed themselves before. Whether on a PC or console, the tools are becoming more accessible and somehow you have the feeling – everyone can do that. But after a few weeks at the latest, many give up. You can tell that without the right equipment, the necessary will or a growing community, the air is quickly out.
I’m Nouman Kaleem, a successful Pakistani streamer on Twitch. I made a name for myself on YouTube several years ago, but have recently put more emphasis on the live factor. I tell you about my personal experiences, what you need to bring to successful streaming and how you have a chance to establish yourself in the scene in the long term.
1.) The will
You don’t just become a streamer because you have nothing else to do. Most of the streamers known today started just like me because they love to gamble and may also have a history (e.g. ex-progamer) and want to share their experiences. But that alone is not enough, because the Internet can be cruel. You will face many offensive statements and still have to keep your love for your work. Only those who show iron will in what they do be successful in the end. 
Don’t forget, the internet is also home to nice people. Soon you will have the first positive reactions and from that point on you will use them as energy to continue.
2.) The equipment
As with any job or hobby, you need the right equipment for professional streaming. Ideally, a good computer (at least the penultimate CPU and GBU generation), an internet line with at least 5 Mbit upload, software for streaming (OBS, guide for all settings, etc. can be found on their website ), several (!) Screens to always keep an overview, a microphone that does not sound like you are broadcasting from a construction site and a webcam is advisable. In addition, of course, a well-lit room to let the viewer know that you are communicating directly with him – just looks more inviting!
If you then want to go a few steps further, there are things like softboxes, tools and hardware to make the stream more professional (keyword alerts & capture cards up to stream deck) and finally you can even creatively design every detail in your camera background. All in all, you can invest up to 3000 euros, but that doesn’t have to be right at the beginning. Set your focus and slowly upgrade (Christmas, birthday, etc.). 
3.) A channel or an online identity
If you have decided that you have the necessary fighting spirit and have not thought about becoming a football player after the technical confusion, then it is time to create an account and thus an identity on Twitch. You should be careful with the selected name, as it is difficult to change it! The best thing is to take something that you can tell a story about. A name that arouses interest. In my case, this would be the following story:
My favorite game as a child was Kingdom Hearts (a great game by the way!) And there was a character called Vanitas, from which I derived Vanitas and the short form “Veni” has been omnipresent since then. Only derivatives like VeniCraft (because of Minecraft) have the name still added. It would also be advisable not to make a Veni1337LPXD123 out of a Veni. The simpler and more memorable the name, the better!
4.) The channel design
Once you have managed to come up with a name that you are satisfied with, you will quickly notice that the goal is still far away! There are countless ways to redesign your channel page on Twitch. You can create a channel design, offline picture, avatar, channel information in the form of banners, emotes in chat, badges, etc. to give your own channel a personal touch. With every graphic, every text and every piece of work that you put into the channel and its appearance, you put another brick on the one in front of it to finally build a nice house for yourself and your community.
Incidentally, this look should also be constantly maintained, updated and improved in order not to appear boring!
5.) A stream plan and a concept
Starting a community is difficult because there are streamers like the sand by the sea. So how do you make yourself that special person that everyone wants to look at?
There is no recipe for this and there probably will never be. But what is important are the following points:
– When you are fixated on a game you want to stream, it is easier to get a community that grows based on the success of the game. In the beginning, it is best to choose a game that could be hyped (e.g. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds then or soon Destiny 2)
Otherwise, you can also stand out in a game if you are already known because you are particularly good. But you also have to realize that you will lose your viewers rapidly if you change your game.

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