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Can you make money with mini-jobs?

To answer this question you have to ask yourself a question, how much you want to earn. I personally started my online career with these 3 ways to make money on the Internet and I’m still with the top providers today! This also includes some online surveys, which I also do while watching TV.

The principle behind the categories mentioned above is very simple: you will receive something specific from the respective company and you will have to do a mini task for the client. I will now briefly explain the individual options and if you are interested you can read my further posts.

Bux and Paid to Click (PTC) pages

With Bux or Paid-to-click pages, it is your job to click a link on the respective website and watch the contribution that is displayed for a certain period of time (duration: maximum half a minute). The remuneration follows directly afterward! This is an average of 2 cents and with some of the providers, you can payout from just 2 dollars. I tested countless providers and filtered out the best-paid mailer.


Paidmailer can actually be seen as promotional emails, but you only get paid for reading paid email! With the top providers, this amounts to approx. 1 cent per confirmed email. There are countless paid mail services on the market that specialize in paid mail and I have selected the most reputable paid mailers for you.

Online surveys

A good additional income can also be built up with online surveys since the remuneration is much higher here. Especially if you don’t feel like recruiting other people, as is usually the case with paid mailers, opinion polls are the easier way to make money. On average, you earn between 50 cents and 10 euros per completed survey. It is important that you choose several providers here since the monthly quota of opinion surveys per person is limited. Also make sure that your login details are correct, as many online surveys are related to age or gender.

In my article “the top 10 online survey portals” are the survey institutes that I have tested and found to be good.

For all the above-mentioned ways to make money, you should create your own email address and create an account with Neteller or  Paypal. In addition, the registration to the portals I recommend is definitely free and you can unsubscribe at any time. In addition, you need a little time and patience every day, then there is nothing standing in the way of making money online.

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