Why I decided to study in Australia 2023【Experience Sharing】

 It turned out that choosing a university to study for a master’s degree was much more daunting than I had imagined. If they had power, my brain cells would overtake and kill me by putting too much pressure on them.

I emailed my seniors, called me, met in person with those who were available, and there was always something exciting to change my perspective. I would go to sleep deciding to study in America, dream about Big Ben, and wake up deciding England was my destination. After all, the quality of education is not the only factor that attracts international students.

Despite all the hardships, I chose to study in Australia. This decision does not diminish my respect for educational excellence in countries like the US and UK. Still, Australia is alluring, not just for its sandy beaches and exotic wilderness. (More on the sights here.)

I should mention that I am a graduate with some professional experience to adorn my CV, so my situation may be slightly different for those who have just graduated and are looking to do a Masters. Still, I would sincerely recommend They go live to experience the practical implementation of what they’ve been studying before jumping straight to any master’s program.

Here are some reasons why I chose to study in Australia:

1. Diversity and multiculturalism

Despite its dynamism, Australia offers a fresh and different perspective in the field of education, mainly because its dynamics are diverse. Compared with Europe and North America, it attracts many Asian students who may bring new leaders to the world. Australia’s multiculturalism is a social paradise for people like me. Nothing is better than finding people with different cultural, political, and religious perspectives.

2. High-quality Australian universities & student support

Due to the huge contribution of international students to Australia’s economy, the government pays special attention to the supervision of the education industry. Many Australian universities rank among the top 100 in the world, which fully demonstrates the government’s efforts for students to study abroad. Australia. This is enough reason for me to choose Australia as a study abroad destination because even if a university doesn’t rank among the best in the world, it can be guaranteed that it will strive to do so and will never compromise on the quality of education. In addition, you can take advantage of several scholarship opportunities offered by the Australian Government and universities.

3. Job opportunities after graduation

That being said, many more factors motivated me to study in Australia despite the relatively high cost of education. Once you spend your time and money getting an education in any country, it seems like you want to work in that environment for a while before returning to your country or going elsewhere to chase your dreams. Recent government policy changes have made it easier for international students to work in Australia after completing their studies (conditional), so they can add value to their CVs through international education and international work experience.

4. Innovation space

Furthermore, Australian universities, like others in the developed world, promote hands-on learning. Students seem to have more personal space to improvise and work on their projects, which can get big. (Remember how Facebook was created?)

Having collected all this information and made my choice, I am now miles away from Australia! Read on for my post here to find out what to expect when I arrive in Melbourne to start my course at Monash University…..

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