studying abroad in the United States

In 2023, the preparation strategy for studying abroad in the United States will be shared

 The 2023 Fall admission season is drawing to a close. Many students have already received offers from their dream schools and are about to embark on a journey to study in the United States and start a new journey of dream-seeking. So before studying in the United States, what other matters must be prepared? Today’s super-detailed pre-departure preparation guide hopes to help students easily handle the last hurdle before studying abroad.

Have you paid your US university tuition deposit?

Students who apply to American universities usually apply to multiple institutions simultaneously. Therefore, to ensure the actual enrollment effect, American schools will also remind students to pay the tuition deposit, the “occupancy fee,” when they issue student offers.

After enrollment, the “occupancy fee” can be deducted from the tuition fee. The amount and date charged by each school are different. The school will indicate the specific requirements in the offer. You must pay attention to it.

Has the school account and email been activated?

After the deposit is paid, the school will automatically match the school’s suffix mailbox for the student. Students need to operate according to the instructions to activate the mailbox.

Some important information about the school will be sent to this mailbox. It is recommended that students check it at any time. It is best to bind it to the mobile phone to avoid missing important news.

Did you get the I-20?

The I-20 form is necessary for every student who goes to the United States for admission and visa interviews. It is used to apply for a visa to the United States and proves the applicant’s student status, admission qualifications, and legal work qualifications.

The specific application steps are different for each school. Still, the required materials include an admission letter, certificate of deposit (generally requires a working capital with a date not exceeding 6 months), passport, and other materials.

After the I-20 application is submitted, the school generally takes 2-4 weeks to review and issue the I-20 form. Currently, most schools only issue the electronic version of the I-20 form and no longer mail the paper version.

The electronic version of the I-20 will be sent directly to the student’s school suffix mailbox or application mailbox. It is recommended that students check it at any time after submitting the I-20 application. If there is any need to supplement the submitted materials, the school will notify you by email. After receiving the electronic I-20 form, everyone needs to print it into a paper version and sign their name and date.

Have you made an appointment for a US visa?

Every student who goes to the United States to attend high school, university, or graduate school must apply for a student visa, the F-1 visa. The official statement of the Visa Section of the U.S. Embassy clearly states that applicants must apply for a non-immigrant student visa as soon as possible after obtaining the I-20 form to arrange a visa interview as soon as possible.

It should be noted that the US visa application policy underwent a major update in February this year. The visa issuance date for newly admitted students has been changed from 120 days before the original course starts to ??? 365 days, which means that students can make an appointment before the start of school. The dating interview is within 365 days; students admitted to American universities who received I-20 can now get a visa appointment.

It is also important to note that the US Department of Homeland Security regulations stipulate that all new students will only be admitted to the United States within 30 days before the registration date for the program listed on the I-20 form. Visa holders who travel to the United States before the regulations may be refused entry at the port of entry.

Have you had a physical examination? Have you been vaccinated?

Before the start of school, each school will require students to complete the submission of a physical examination form, which includes various vaccines required by the school. The medical form needs to be filled out and signed by a doctor.

Students must make an appointment for a physical examination at the International Travel Health Center in advance. During the physical examination, they must bring their passports, medical examination forms, previous medical examination records, photos, etc., and detailed information can be consulted by phone in advance.

Vaccines may need to be vaccinated on the physical examination form, so it is recommended that you start the physical examination as soon as possible to avoid the peak period in July-August.

Here I also want to remind everyone that the physical examination form needs to be completed and submitted before the deadline set by the school. Otherwise, it may affect the selection of courses or even admission.

Have you packed your luggage for studying in the United States?

What should you pack in your suitcase when you study abroad in the US? Mainly include the following categories:

# document:

Passport: The original passport is necessary and needs to be carried with you. It is recommended to prepare both the electronic version and the photocopy.

I-20: It is one of the most important documents for studying in the United States. Some airlines will check the I-20 form when registering. So, it’s best to prepare it and keep it in an easy-to-reach bag.

Admission notice: The original copy of the admission notice is required. If the school does not mail the original copy, students should print it in color in advance.

Transcripts (graduation certificates and transcripts): Prepare the original academic certificates and transcripts of the previous level and transcripts in English.

Physical examination health certificate and vaccination certificate: If American universities have clear health requirements, follow the school’s requirements; if there are no clear requirements, it is generally recommended to accept a routine entry-exit inspection in the country.

Driver’s license: A Chinese driver’s license cannot directly replace a U.S. driver’s license, but it can be used to exempt a U.S. driver’s license test.

# School supplies and funds:

Teaching materials and reference books: According to the school’s official website, you can learn about teaching materials in advance, download e-books, or rent books (more economical).

Mobile hard disk: Carry a hard disk with relatively large storage space; a U disk must also be prepared.

Cash: prepare US$5,000 in cash; if more than US$5,000, you must apply for a cash-carrying certificate.

# communication:

Mobile phone card operators: There are four major mobile phone card operators in the United States (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint), among which AT&T is the most used by international students.

Mobile phone card payment: There are two types of mobile phone card payment: Prepaid and Postpaid. It is recommended that you buy an American phone card before going abroad. Regular phone cards can be processed at the operation store near the school. You should check whether your mobile phone model supports the United States in advance. Carrier’s high-speed network.

# Daily necessities:

Commonly used medicines: antidiarrheal medicines, cold medicines, antipyretics, traumatic medicines, mosquito bite medicines, gastrointestinal medicines, trauma medicines, antibiotics (instructions in both Chinese and English), etc.

Clothes: You can bring the appropriate amount of clothes according to the season, or you can buy them locally. Foreign discount seasons are very cheap.

Adapter plug: The plug standards in China and the US are different, you need to prepare an adapter plug, and you can buy it after you arrive in the US.

Glasses & Contact Lenses: Having two pairs of glasses at home is recommended. The cost of glasses abroad is higher; you can also prepare more contact lenses.


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