The Facebook / Amazon Affiliate Trick – This is how anyone can make money

Amazon Affiliate Trick

Wizards rarely reveal their tricks.

And when they do, it often creates a bad mood among colleagues.
Today is such a memorable day when I will tell you a trick that even beginners without their own homepage can really make money on the Internet.

Sorcery? No, simple affiliate marketing

What is it about?

The basic principle of this trick is to spread as many affiliate links as possible from the Amazon partner network and thus reach an incredible number of people.

For every sale of an Amazon item via the partner network, there is a commission of at least 5%. So if you sell some products every day, you will make a lot of money.
The more people you reach with the links, the more sales you will make and therefore more money.

I will show you which strategy is best for this in this article.


In order to earn money with this trick, you first need an Amazon Partner Network account.
This is quick to set up and registration is free.

Tip: In the test report from the Amazon partner program you can familiarize yourself with the basics of the partner network.

Facebook is best suited for the distribution of the links. Everything is conceivable as long as you really reach many people with it.

Whether you send thousands of friend requests to strangers, create a fan page and buy fans for it ( e.g. at fan slave or paid likes ) or create a group and invite everyone, it doesn’t matter much.
Forums and portals are also great for this method of making money.

If you meet these requirements, you can start making money immediately.

The sequence

As we now know, there is money for every sale through an Amazon Affiliate Link and we have, for example, a Facebook page with several 100 fans.
What should be done now should be logical: Distribute many affiliate links and thus generate as many sales as possible.

Now it’s up to you how to do it.
From excessive link spam to targeted product recommendations, everything is possible and everyone will have different experiences.

Simply placing a link on the Amazon homepage is of little use or would you click such a link?
At Crazy Amazon, I show the funniest Amazon articles every week. Why don’t you just introduce these products to your Facebook friends or post them in a forum?
To do this, you simply have to access the article and generate your affiliate link via the Partner Toolbar.

But not only funny articles are clicked, be a little creative because the saying applies here: trying out is about studying.

Tip: Use various tricks to get your contacts to click on an affiliate link.

“Hey guys, I want to buy this TV, what do you think of it?”


The best thing about the Amazon Affiliate Program is that you not only get a commission for the products that you advertise directly but on the entire shopping cart.

So if you share a link to a mini product every day and someone thinks: “ Oh, I still wanted to buy a projector. ” Then you will earn a lot of money on it.

It is difficult to say exactly how much money will be. If the advertising is not excessive, I assume a conversion rate of 1%. Facebook advertising aimed at strangers will bring less, targeted product suggestions more.

So at 1% conversion rate, you get about 10 sales a day when 1000 people will see your link.

I’ve had the experience that the average shopping cart on Amazon is worth around € 20, which corresponds to a € 1 commission.
With 10 daily sales, that would be 10 € a day.
Mathematically, you can now think about how much money you will earn if you can increase the conversion rate to 10% or suddenly distribute your affiliate links to 10,000 people.

3 tips for more success

The description of this method should already be enough that even beginners can easily make money online with it , but I go even further and give you 3 tips as a bonus for your patience when reading, with which you can increase and control your earnings.

Tip # 1: forums

I already mentioned that forums are also very good for making money with this method.
Think about how often there are links to Amazon articles in a forum or question portal and now imagine that these are all your affiliate links.

Ask in a hardware forum for purchase advice and add example links.
Post a good book about dogs in a dog forum, etc.

The advantage of forums, as opposed to Facebook, is that your links remain and can be seen by everyone in the future. You can take advantage of that.

In almost every forum there is a topic “What is your favorite film?”
Just post a link to the DVD of some films on Amazon every week.

You can be sure of hundreds of brokered sales.

Tip # 2: other affiliate programs

The Amazon Partner Network is far from the only lucrative partner program. In affiliate networks like Zanox, you will find numerous partner programs that offer really good commissions.

But be careful: Many partners do not see it if affiliate links are distributed indiscriminately and often a separate homepage is necessary.

Tip # 3: don’t overdo it

As easy as it is to make money with this method, there are so many risks.

If you make too many friend requests to strangers on Facebook or write too many messages, there is a risk of being blocked.
Even massive spam is not welcome.

Even in a forum, you can quickly disappear from the scene if you don’t write anything useful.

Amazon, on the other hand, generally likes it when you convey products.
Nevertheless, accounts have been closed due to spam in some cases. 
If the conversion rate falls below 1%, it can happen that Amazon’s link sources are examined a little more closely.



Generate a few fans, set a link every day and post in a forum – everyone can do that. It is all the more unbelievable that you can really earn a lot of money with it.

Just try it for free and leave a comment. Maybe I can also learn something from you.

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