What is Google Adsense Earnings how can we Earn Online

Google Adsense earnings

Google Adsense is a program that enables all operators of a website to generate advertising revenue from their websites. For many operators, this is a very tempting option, but very few providers know in advance how high the Google Adsense earnings will be. Therefore, this article will introduce what factors have an impact on Google Adsense earnings and how much you can earn with this program.

How Google Adsense earnings are determined:

  • Number of visitors
  • CTR
  • Price per click
  • The number of visitors

Google Adsense earnings are largely determined by the number of visitors you see on your page. This is the main point that determines the amount of your earnings.

Measures in the area of ​​search engine optimization can increase the number of visitors and thus your Google Adsense earnings. A small site that only attracts a few visitors a day cannot generate much revenue. But of course there are websites that record several hundred visitors a day. Of course, the likelihood that an ad will be clicked is considerably higher. The first step in earning a high Google Adsense earnings is therefore always measures that aim to increase the number of visitors.

Increase Google Adsense earnings with a good click rate

Another important point for Google Adsense earnings is the click rate. This indicates what percentage of visitors to your page click on the ads. This value is very important for Google Adsense earnings, as a commission is not paid for the display of the ads, but rather when a visitor clicks on an ad.

The click rate depends on the one hand on the intention of the visitors, since each user shows their own behavior regarding the advertisements.

This is therefore difficult for the site operator to control. On the other hand, however, there are ways to place the advertisements in such a way that they attract the attention of visitors in order to increase the click rate and the Google Adsense earnings. For example, ads that are already visible without scrolling the website are clicked significantly more often.

The price per click

Google serves the Adsense ads according to the auction principle. So the price you get for each ad is always different. To get a high price per click, you can choose a topic that is highly competitive and therefore the ad prices are very high. You should also note that Google always rates the ad as the most important one that appears first in the source code. Therefore, the prices achieved are always better here. It is therefore advisable to always position the ad that is clicked on most frequently so that it appears first in the source code.

How much is the Google Adsense earnings

After all, the crucial question that readers of this article are interested in is how realistically the Google Adsense earnings are. The answer to this question, as shown, depends on the factors mentioned above.

In the case of small web offers, earnings are often less than one euro per month. People who run their website in their free time, but spend a lot of time on optimization, can easily earn a few hundred euros per month.

Professional offers, in which several employees create the content of the page and carry out the optimization, can even achieve several thousand euros per month.

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