What is Matched Betting

What is Matched Betting? How to Earn 500 Euro monthly with Matched Betting

 Sports betting is taboo for many people in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. A topic that immediately evokes negative reactions and tells sad stories about people who have lost their money. It’s no secret that bookmakers make tons of money every month. However, what is often overlooked is that the technology has advanced significantly in recent years. Would it surprise you to hear about a guaranteed win in sports betting? Are there techniques that make it possible to make a calculated profit while eliminating risk? Have you ever heard of Ninja-Bet.de?

It is a fact that many people lose money on sports betting. That’s mostly because they’re trying to do it like they did 20 years ago. As we have seen, the development of online platforms and software over the past few decades has helped us greatly improve our daily lives. Then why haven’t we also changed the way we approach sports betting?

Matched betting – a mathematical technique that allows you to get a calculated profit from bookmaker bonuses, regardless of the final results of sporting events.

Let’s take a closer look.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is all about making a calculated profit on bookmakers’ bonuses by covering all possible sporting event outcomes. All you need is a laptop, a good internet connection, an account on Ninja-Bet.de, and a few free hours a week.

Does that sound too good to be true? Not really!

Thousands of people benefit from the betting industry in this way. The technique was first introduced in the UK but then expanded to other countries around the globe – Italy, Spain, Germany, Latin America, Austria, Switzerland, and Brazil. The list goes on. There are no special requirements to participate in Matched Betting; you only need to be over 18 (or the minimum betting age in the region in question).

To go into a bit of detail, it’s all about meeting all the bookmaker’s requirements, just like a normal bet. The main difference is that you place an opposite bet at another bookmaker or betting exchange on the same event. This way, you eliminate the risk associated with the bet. And regardless of how the sporting event ends, you make a profit.

Example of matched betting

To illustrate the concept, let’s use a simple example.

Bookmaker A offers users who register a new account a €10 free bet bonus. To receive the bonus, the new users must deposit €10 and place it in a bet.

The starting point is the fulfillment of the bookmaker’s first requirement. Deposit and wager €10. However, as Matched Betting teaches, you must place a counter bet with another bookmaker. Regardless of how the sporting event ends, you have a winning and losing bet. At the same time, you unlocked the bonus. The bookmaker now not only allows you to take the bonus, but you also have to place it in a bet.

So the next step is to fulfill the second condition, this time with your free bet. And again, you place an opponent’s bet to cover all possible outcomes. When the second sporting event is over, congratulations, you’ve made your first matched betting win.

Unlike traditional betting, in matched betting, the event’s result is unimportant. It comes down to finding the best odds and calculating the amounts you need to wager at each bookmaker. So forget about predicting the future.

Getting Started with Matched Betting

Are you ready to get started? You won’t become a millionaire, but you can expect to make up to €500 monthly.

The final piece of the puzzle you need for successful matched betting is cutting-edge technology that gives you the following:

  • Video guides & detailed instructions – to accompany you every step of the way
  • Odds Comparison Tools – to find the best opponent odds in seconds
  • Calculation Tools – to instantly calculate the amounts you need to place with each bookmaker or betting exchange
  • And much more

Ninja-Bet.de is the first matched betting platform in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and was launched in 2018 with the mission “Enable everyone to earn extra money online. “


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